How to make video memes on mobile | Android or iOS

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If you are an Indian adult or the teenager then it is obvious that you know TVF, TheScreenPatti, TheTimeliners and FilterCopy.

So, whenever you go through your Instagram feed, A video meme always grabs your attention. And it is 90% obvious that this video meme is from any of these popular Instagram accounts like TVF, TheScreenPatti, TheTimeliners and FilterCopy.

If that video meme is not from the accounts that I have mentioned here then it is certain that it must be a 1:1 aspect ratio video meme or square video meme from any another meme account.


Make video meme on mobile | Full Android Tutorial
Make video meme on mobile | Full Android Tutorial


Most of the guys like me always try to make that type of cool looking meme with a smartphone. But sometimes it is not that much easy to create any content just with your smartphone.

Some days back, I have generated a cool method to create meme videos like TVF, TheScreenPatti, TheTimeliners and FilterCopy with just using your smartphone.

So, here is the complete step-by-step procedure to make video memes easily just using your smartphone.

This tutorial is for both Android and as well as iOS users. The Applications(Apps) which I am going to use are available for both the platforms.

Apps Required for making Instagram Video Meme

Actually, these video memes are of ratio 1:1. So, we can say we are going to make square video meme. Apps that you have to download are –

  1. Pixellab
  2. Kinemaster

Steps to make video meme –

Come up with the video clip for a meme

Video meme means a video or comic video should be there to make a suitable sense of humour. Make sure it should be a perfectly curated piece of any video clip to come up with enough comic sense.

Now, you have to frame or title your meme. So here is the next step.

Frame your meme idea – Title Your meme

It should be something that is going to be the Title or it would define what the meme is all about.

Basically, it is required to have a good sense of humour to make the frame of your meme.

Now, Go and watch this complete video tutorial to create the quality meme.



In this video, I have used a video meme pack that you can download from the link given inside the youtube video description.

So after this video, you will be able to make any video meme in just two minutes.


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