How To Increase Battery Life Of Your Smartphone

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Hey there, are you puzzled about your smartphone’s battery life? And have to carry that half kg power bank the whole day?

So today I will give you some tips that will give you a better battery life.


Nowadays we have a lot of smart features in our smartphone, and we are using some best kind of processors in our smartphone and have some moon and sunlight selfie cameras and a good battery. But nowadays we have some powerful hardware or our battery usage pattern is like, that when its 5 p.m., the phone gives a low battery warning and due to this, we have to carry power bank or we have to find a charging point, otherwise we may not complete our day.

So today I am going to give you some useful tips which will make you sure that your battery is not wasting anywhere and you are using it for your own.

Radio Signals

As you definitely have a network in your phone, either it is Jio, Airtel or Vodafone. But there are more networks in your smartphone like wifi Bluetooth,  NFC & GPS etc. Sometimes we forget to turn them off. Suppose If you are in a jungle or desert and there is no wifi nearby but your phones wifi is still turned on. You transferred a file to your friend and after transferring you forgot to turn it off. Then it continuously consumes battery. So the main thing is, that you should only use these network in the time of need, and turn them off when you are not using them.

App Updates 

There is a feature in play store or app store about the auto update. Suppose that you are somewhere and doing your work and your phone is in your pocket with only 18% battery left. And then a notification comes about app updates. Then they start updating automatically due to the auto-update feature. After some time your battery remains 3% or 4%. So you should turn this feature off. And you should manually update those apps when your battery is charged or when you plugged your phone into charging.

Touch Sounds and Vibrations 

You get a haptic feedback whenever you type or touch anywhere on the screen. You should turn them off because the motor which vibrates, always consumes some battery whenever we touch the screen. Like tapping sound, lock screen sound and dial pad sounds.

Phone Screen

 The screen is the biggest culprit of your smartphone. You should set your brightness low means you should not use auto brightness feature. In this feature a sensor works which checks the light around us and adjusts according to it. Next thing is the screen timeout. You should reduce that time from 2 or 5 mins to 15 or 30 seconds only. Because whenever a notification comes it wakes your screen and keeps it on for 2 or 5 mins and consumes battery.


You should use a static image as a wallpaper instead of live-wallpaper. Or you should use a dark wallpaper or a black wallpaper or if you have a dark mode in your phone then you can enable it.

Data usage

There are many apps that consume data in the background. So you can turn off background data usage for some apps. Like Facebook, which gives a ping sound every 5 mins. You can manually check those all notifications after some time whenever you get free time.

Duplicate charger 

You should never use a fake or duplicate charger because it will not charge your battery accurately and it may blast your phone also.

Smartphone’s Assistant 

Smartphone’s assistant like Siri and OK Google. Because when they are turned on, they continuously use the microphone of your smartphone. They hear whatever you say because they have to answer you immediately. So you can manually active them by opening google or Siri app instead of an always-on feature.


Whenever you hover your hand over your phone the display wakes or whenever you shake your phone the display wakes up. So you should turn them off because they consume a lot of battery of your smartphone.

So these are some tips which may help you to increase the battery life of your smartphone.



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