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Nowadays everyone wants smart purchase, whether we talk about purchasing grocery or any electrical item. Especially when it comes to buying any smartphone, we go extra smart and look for some great deals.


In between that, we forget to analyze the specifications. Smart purchase always includes some quality products. So here we go in some in-depth specifications like RAM, Processor, Internal Memory and Camera.


Here we are going to talk about: How to choose smartphones having the best processors


What is the role of Processors in our smartphones?


‘Processor,’ as we can clearly understand from its name that it is the part which processes given input in a device. It just works like our brain, for example; if anybody asks you a question then definitely you answer it. In fact, you had really analyzed what the question was and after that, you were really able to answer. The whole thing is that your mind had processed that question. And this same processing work also performed by the processors in any smartphone or computer.


Till now you are completely able to understand what the actual role of the processor is. Now, we are at the point to know about the material used for making processors. Yeah, it is necessary to know.


Which material is used for making processors?


This is going to be really interesting for the non-techies like me. The smartphone processors are made up of pure silicon, along with that it is also bombarded with some elements like phosphorus, antimony, arsenic, boron, indium or gallium.


As we all know that technology is on the zenith nowadays, in every sector of technology there are some leading brands. For example, Apple and Samsung are the worlds popular and leading smartphone companies. The same stuff is also followed in the case of processors. In this sector of technology, there are also some leading and popular processer making companies.


Top Processor makers


Here are some of the top and popular smartphone processor companies. We are not saying these are the only processor companies, But we have mentioned here only world’s leading processor makers. So here are some leading smartphone processor making companies – Samsung Electronics, Qualcomm Snapdragon, MediaTek and NVidia etc.


Things need to know about processors before buying any smartphone


Here are the things that we need to know about processors before buying any smartphone. In fact, in this article we are talking about the processor, so we have only mentioned here about the processors. But there is more to know about the other specifications before the purchase of a smartphone. Let’s get started with the selection of the best processor for your next smartphone


Here are the four key points or actually the four things that we must examine out about processors before purchasing any smartphone,


The architecture of the processor


The first key point is the architecture of the processor. There is a company by the name  ARM which makes the structure of the processor for the mobile companies. The design or the structure of the processor gets better time to time. Like in past times they had Cortex A5 then they made Cortex A7 and then A9 and so on. So if you are thinking that what does these number means? Then there is a simple funda. The bigger the number the better will be the design of the processor. For example, Cortex A9 is better than Cortex a7.


Technology used


The second key factor that we should keep in our mind before buying a new smartphone is the technology used upon which the processor is relying on. Every processor has millions of transistors. And here is the fact that smaller the size of the transistors the better the processor will work. A good processor consumes less battery and hence it increases your battery backup. The companies set the size of transistors small or big according to their technology and their need. At the size of the transistor, Samsung is on number one. Samsung makes the smallest size transistors whose size is 14 nanometer. Qualcomm is on 20 nanometers, MediaTek is on 26 or 28.


What are the Cores in processors? Choosing the best core processor smartphone


The third thing is about cores. So basically what is a core? for example – suppose that you are a processor and your both hands are your cores, first and second core. this means that you can do 2 task simultaneously. and some processors are quad-core, this means they have 4 hands, they can do 4 task at the same time other processors are of octa-core, means they have 8 hands and they can do 8 work at same time. so basically cores are the hands of processors.


One more thing that you have to understand about the core of the processor is that if we give three task to a dual core processor then it will not work properly and a misfunctioning may take place inside the apps or programs. Ultimately if this misfunctioning continues then your device will heat up more than a normal or safe temperature.


So now you are thinking that octa-core is better than a quad core processor? No, you are wrong. This statement will only be correct if the architecture and the technology of the processor are the same, only then we can compare the actual processing power of the processors. if we have only two parameters to compare i.e., a dual-core or Octa Core then we can’t decide which one is the better processor because it might be possible that their structure is different.


What is Giga Hertz in processors?


Fourth and that last thing about the processor is Giga Hertz. So what is gigahertz? The processors have a clock and according to its timing, the processor works. So 1 gigahertz means that the processor will work for 10 crores times in one second and it depends on the processor that how much work it can do.




So finally, whenever you compare the processors, you must check that what is the architecture of the processor (for example Cortex A57, Cortex A59 etc). After that, you should check the technology of that processor whether it is relying on 14-nanometer technology or 20-nanometer technology or any other one. The less the size of the transistor the better the processor will work.


The next important thing is the core, the more the cores the better the processor will work. We can’t say that one processor which is made on 14 nm technology with 4 cores and another one which is made on 20 nm technology with 8 cores, then the 4 core processor will work better than 8 core processor.


The fourth thing is frequency, means the GHz, the speed which is given to your processor, the more the speed the better the processor will work. But those 3 things should be the same.e., technology, architecture and number of cores. So you can’t do the comparison like – MediaTek 1.3 quad-core processor is better or slower than the Snapdragon 2.5 octa-core. No, you can’t say anything, firstly you should have to analyze all those three key things i.e., technology,  and no. of cores.


I hope that after reading this article you have understood all the key concepts of selecting a smartphone with the better or we can say that best processor. yeah if you have found any question or issue regarding this article about, “How To Choose Smartphones With Best Processors” then please let us know in the comment section.



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