How Air Purifiers work? | HEPA Filter | UV Light

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Air Filters or Air Purifiers


How does air purifier work? As you know that there are some problems in the air of Delhi. Sometimes you feel that everything is okay in the air around us. And if you compare the air inside the room is more dangerous than the air outside.

Because your room is almost packed from everywhere and cant circulate fresh air from outside. Either they’re fur of your pet or pollens from outside, or any toxins, they add up together and can harm us.

In the normal case the concentration os not that much so one can get a problem but if anyone has an allergy, then they may get more problems.

If I talk about where they’re all air is polluted like Delhi has a smog problem it has reaches a level that you will have to clean it.


Solutions and How Does an Air Purifier work


So how does air purifiers work? You get many solutions in the market to clean air, But the most common solution is an Air filter. Where you can filter your air. For example, if you filter water, then water gets filtered but the thing which remained in the mesh is waste.

AIr also has the same concept. Where we filter our air You can use an air filter, it sucks the air from outside and releases the fresh air inside. It cleans air on s scheduled time like 15 or 20 mins.


That filter is called HEPA Filter (HIgh-Efficiency Particulate Air FIlter). It has an efficiency that it can clean 0.3 micrometres or larger than this size. It allows only 0.3 mm size particles to go inside And traps the majority.


The material used in making Air Purifiers


We use different kinds of material in making like cotton and foam. BY combining these we make a filter. But you may think that air can’t pass through it, but if you pass air by pressure, then fresh air will pass through it and traps dust or particles.

It has a life also. Sometimes you get a reusable filter. But in a normal case, HEPA FIlters are used There are more concepts, LIke Ionization, where you charge your particles negatively or positively. Then you can catch them. Another way is where you convert o2

Onto ozone(O3). But ozone is toxic sometimes because it reacts with some particles sometimes another way is of UV LIghts, where it kills the microorganism present in the air. And many ore concepts are available.



If you have an expensive kind AC then you will get in-built Air Purifier in it. Where it automatically cleans the air.

But if you use a dedicated air purifier like Xiaomi air purifier, either it is cheap like 9k or 10k or costly like 35k to 50k.

More overall filters have HEPA Filter but it depends on purifier that which quality HEPA Filter does it have. You can see that the air is clean. You can’t see the dust particles in the air, but if you use an Air filter then you can feel that yes I am breathing in clean air.


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