How AI Camera Works? Explained

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AI Camera

As you know that nowadays computers and machines have become so advanced and can do the big task very easily and quickly. There is a big role of AI into this. If we can give a brain to the computer so that it can think and learn and learn from its own past experience then it can help us a lot. Either it is about gadgets or any other machine.

In smartphone camera, a normal user may not use all setting of the camera properly. And there might be some mistakes or error on that clicked picture. SO AI helped a lot in taking a perfect picture for a normal user. In fact, we use different kinds of processes.

AI also does work for the opening camera. Like if we say “OK GOOGLE Take a selfie” then it opens our camera and takes a selfie.

AI Feature

So if I talk about a proper camera, there is a common feature called scene detection. Where you click a picture of food then it detects that you are clicking a picture of food. And it gives the best possible colours for that picture.

And if you are taking pictures of animals like a dog or cat, then it detects that picture just like food, and when you get a result, then you get different settings in every picture.

Now you are thinking that how does your phone know that is it a dog, cat, food or any person?

So there is a big training procedure for ai. It used different algorithms and they show them millions of pictures of dogs with every angle and every size of dogs. Then camera finally gets to know that yes if I ever see a pattern then it must be a dog.  And what are the best settings for a dog, it understands?

Phones that have a single camera

If you noticed that some phones have only a single camera but take pictures like a professional camera. Those phones have powerful AI and work very finely. IF I talk about Google pixel 3 phone, Google has a large amount of data and trained its AI so finely that it takes best pictures from its single camera phone by the fine tune.

How do they work?

Other phones have a dual camera but these single cameras have a different procedure. It takes a picture in different layers then optimizes it all layers then adds those layers and shows it. Like if you are taking a picture in which there is a person in front and plats in the background. Then it optimizes the first layer of human and second layers of the background. 

Phones that have not an AI

There are some phones that have inbuilt AI technology in their processors. And there are also some phones that have not any AI technology in their processor but can do AI WOrks a little bit. Because that has AI software in them.

In the US there is a technology made by them which can find a gun if some is carrying gun. They have tested and also implemented them in some places.



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