5G in India – Everything You Need To know about 5G

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When is 5G coming to India?

India is planning to roll out 5G Telecom services in the country. As per the latest reports, 5G or Fifth Generation telecom services will arrive in India in early 2020. 5G, along with its high-speed data services will also bring the next generation of technology with it.

It is absolutely true with no doubts that 5G technology in India will have the advantage of massive connectivity with low power consumption. Apart from all this, it will hugely boost the downloading and the internet surfing speed.

What is actual 5G?

In every few couples of years, the digital tech industry upgrades to a new ‘generation’ or ‘G’ of mobile networks. 5G will work on the already existed network i.e. LTE 4G but it will arrive with some powerful upgrades. Some of them are –

Low Latency in the network response or no delay in connecting to the actual data services.

Low battery consumption of the device as 5G will work on minimal power.

With 5G it will be easier to transfer bulk data with no time.

The speed of 5G will be at least 10 times faster than 4G | 4G Vs. 5G

As we already know that every new evolution in the generation of the mobile phone networks enhances the speed along with its arrival. with 5G it is already expected that it will touch the speed of 10,000 megabytes per second or 10000 Mbps. So be ready to experience and enjoy the eyes blink speed of 5G in India.

Speed: 5G vs. 4G vs. 3G

In the past couple of years, the maximum data speed that we had already experienced in 4G and in 3G is 1000 Mbps and 3.1 Mbps respectively. Yes, 1000 Mbps and 3.1 Mbps in 4G and 3G network is the maximum speed that telecom network services can offer. But in India, it is very rare that any individual had enjoyed the 10 Mbps of speed in 4G and 2 Mbps of speed in 3G. We are not saying that it is not possible in India but nowadays Jio is offering a speed of 1 Mbps in some parts of India’s highest populated state Uttar Pradesh.

The maximum speed that 5G internet in India will offer is 10000 Mbps. From the previous examples of 4G and 3G network speed, we can easily assume its speed that 5G customers in India will experience. The 5G speed will not be more than 10 Mbps or 20 Mbps in India.

Life change that will arrive along with 5G in India

In the 5G era, the digital devices will be able to connect to each other and can communicate. The smartphone will not be at smartphone anymore, it will be the key to access all the gadgets at home remotely. Along with 5G, the autonomous cars will become a reality in the actual world.

Which company will launch the first 5G phone in India?

The Tech Giants like Huawei, Xiaomi and OnePlus are ready and in the race to launch the world’s first 5G phone.

The country with World’s First 5G network

Telco Verizon, a US-based telecom company has launched the World’s First 5G network in parts of Los Angeles, Houston, Indianapolis and Sacramento.




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