5 Skills a CS student should develop during college days

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Are you a Computer Science (CS) student and looking for the skills to develop during your college days? Don’t know which skills you have to keep in priority to secure a better career in the IT industry.

Earning extra skills help you in the days of college recruitment. As you all know the big tech giants like Apple and Google focusing on the skills of the students, not on the certifications. So at the end of the day, you need your skills polished. And you will be judged by your skills not by the certifications at all.

So, here we are with the topmost skills that computer science (CS) students should develop during college days.

Apart from just telling you the skills you have to develop, I am also sharing How these skills are beneficial for you?

These skills are not for any particular CS students. If you are doing graduation from B.Tech., B.Sc. Computer Science, BCA Computer Science, B.Com Computer Science and other CS streams then these skills are equally important for you as well.

Let’s get started

1. Work on your Programming Skills


Boost up your problem-solving programming skills.


It doesn’t matter whether you are in three years or four years degree program. You have to develop programming skills in you to solve a problem. This is a very basic requirement if you are from the computer science branch.

Let me clear you something. There is a lot of difference between learning programming languages and programming skills. Many people have misunderstood that learning 3 or 4 or 5 programming languages will make you perfect in programming. But the actual thing is much different.

You have to be well versed in problem-solving programming skills. Make yourself able to develop programs to solve problems. This is the real meaning of programming.

In better words, develop programming skills so that you could develop a program which can be easily implemented in computers to solve problems of the people. So, you will create logic and the computer system will execute it.

2. Manage or Host an event to develop Management Skills


Manage or Host an event to develop Management Skills


For at least, manage your host an event. It could be any Quiz Contest, coding contest for any presentation contest. Organise something like this, whether it is at the college level or Inter College level.

It will curate management skills in you. Management skills are long-lasting and help for a lifetime.

After hosting an event you get highlighted at the college level and ultimately it helps you to spent those moments with your teachers which are impossible to get as an average student.

3. Enhance your communication skills


Enhance your communication skills


Search those moments where you can speak publicly. You can teach your batchmates, especially during exams. Some of your friends will always ready to understand some particular topics. Made them understand those topics with the most effective way as you can. It will gradually enhance your speaking skills and diminish hesitation.

During events take part in speeches. Don’t let go any public speaking moment. It will take off hesitation and make you more confident.

4. Sell your own Products


Sell your own Products


Give yourself a target for selling product made by you. It can be an app you have developed. Any simple app which is solving a problem.

For example. A simple app of calculating Age.

You can sell this app to any person who needs it. Don’t make the price too high. You can first sell it for 10 rupees.

With this, you will earn experience in selling. You will get feedback to implement more functionalities in your app.

5. Participate in sports in your college days


Participate in sports activities


It has a high possibility that you might be interested in some sports activities. Take part in sports events during your college days. If you could do them in college days then it would be part of your lifestyle.

It will make you fit and healthy for life. And fitness is also necessary whenever you reside at a reputed post in IT industry.

So these were the 5 skills that you should learn during your college days. Share these skills with your college friends.



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